Saying you are photographer because you use instagram is like saying you are a supermodel just because you wear make up.
People often ask me why I don’t like instagram, so I figured this is the best way I can put it in words.

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My first infographic: The Origins of Cooking

Before I start I want to make this very clear I am not a designer, I am more a design afficionado with advanced knowledge of photoshop.

Last week a good friend of mine suggested I should start being more playful with branded content for my company, he said:  ”why don’t you take those awesome pictures you have on facebook and try to make an infographic?”


The original concept was something like the history of pastries, since I have a whole bunch of pictures of pastries. I did not ended up going with that idea because simply I couldn’t find enough relevant information to make it happen.

Instead my boss has these awesome collection of books called Modernist Cuisine and there is so much amazing information and fun facts about food, it was just obvious I should go this way.

So yeah here it is, my first attempt to produce an infographic. Thoughts? Please don’t be too harsh, I’m a newbie :)

origins of cooking



Diner en Blanc Toronto, a great photo opportunity!

As a photographer I’m always on the look for something cool, interesting or different to takes pictures of. Shooting the same subject time and time again is pretty tiring and after a while it starts killing your creativity.

Le Diner en Blanc Toronto is an awesome event I had the pleasure of attending last year, just a rough explanation, DEB is a pop up picnic where you wear your best white ensemble, manage to run around the city carrying your own table, food and chair; and finally meet with a couple of other hundreds of people at an unknown location looking as excited and confused as you. 

Sounds absolutely crazy but that is the charm, signing in and having no idea what to expect.Last year I was pleasantly surprised, first you see just a couple of other people wearing white, but as the minutes go by more and more people start to arrive and you have this huge wave of people dressed in white head to toe moving around the streets of Toronto. You get to see women wearing their old wedding dresses, gentlemen in white tuxedos, flowers, feathers, in a few words the scene is quite surreal.

So if you are looking for a great opportunity to take amazing pictures I highly recommend going to Diner en Blanc Toronto, is one of those things where you won’t want to put the camera down for even one second and the next frame will be even better than the last one.

Curious? Just click here for more info.


A love-hate relationship: Marketers & Technology

In 2008 I was still going to business school and trying to figure out what should I do with the rest of my career. That summer I got an internship with a fitness chain. I was a Jack of all Trades, helping the owners with anything I could and somehow I ended up in marketing. I did surveys, analyzed the results and I tried to figure out a better way to connect with clients, so I suggested lets get a Facebook profile and get all of our friends to join!

Back in 2008 Facebook was a different site, it was mostly about connecting with friends and playing with silly apps. Advertisers did not care. Back in the day brands actually had to create a Facebook user profile and send clients friend requests in order to get fans (primitive, I know) Content plans? Analytics? Social Media ROI? No, we sure didn’t have any of that but we all knew we had to jump on the social media wagon.  

Since the dawn of times marketers have been affected by changes in technology. In the beginning all we had was print advertising and when we thought we had the print game all figured out, boom! There radio arrived to change the game.

In the 1960’s David Ogilvy said the future of advertising was on TV and once again marketers had to change their strategy and make television fit into the equation. In the 1990’s we saw rise of the World Wide Web, in the early 2000’s the advent of social media and this decade is “the era of mobile”. 

Every time we think we have the game figured out something new comes along and we have to start all over again.

Are we masochists? Why do we keep loving technology?

Because every change brings something new and exciting, offering a new channel and a way to connect with the audience on a deeper level. Sixty years ago people used to buy a coat, today they are buying a brand that resonates with them, their values, their style and their personality. In 2012 marketing is much more than increasing sales of a product or service, it’s about creating stronger bonds with the consumer and we wouldn’t be able to do this without the help of our beloved frenemy: technology.


Walking through High Park

I was walking through High Park on the weekend until I made it to the boardwalk, I kept on walking until I finally reached this bridge. Made the picture black and white, cleaned the composition and finally I played a little with silver efex pro and this is what I got.

Second edit by Stephanie Cañarte (stephcanarte) on
Second edit by Stephanie Cañarte